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    Good faith in fact checking might still apply to journalists, but not to NYT, who are no longer journalists but some kind of dysfunctional weird woke activist-terrorists.

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      Police checkpoints encircle my neighborhood of 60k people (#newark);

      due to RR tracks, we have only ~~12 roads in. “people will only be allowed.. if they show -proof of residency & -proof they’re doing an essential activity.”

      Weekends only, for now.

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            Here’s the link:

            https://twitter.com/JoshShapiroPA/status/1322640510637477889 If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose.

            Either the fix is in or this Democrat official is politically tone deaf. Hard to say. Could be both.

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              Who is Miles Taylor? Said he was “anonymous”, but I don’t know him - never even heard of him. Just another @nytimes SCAM - he worked in conjunction with them. Also worked for Big Tech’s @Google . Now works for Fake News @CNN . They should fire, shame, and punish everybody….

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                During the eight years I spent supervising the intelligence agencies for the Senate Intelligence Committee, I watched as what had been a clerisy of strait-laced guardians of truth and justice was becoming a bunch of lazy bureaucrats eager to serve the ruling class’ prejudices.

                The FBI’s method? Place agents among the target group, stoke their sentiments, and lead them to say or do something that could be characterized as a crime, then arrest them and claim credit for foiling a plot. In intelligence lingo, that is provocation. In legal terms, it’s entrapment. By whatever name, this is the work of cheap, dirty cops.

                And yet when the Tea Party movement arose to protest collusion between the Republican and Democratic parties against popular sentiment on a host of political issues, the FBI rushed to infiltrate it.

                The jury will have to decide whether the FBI was protecting society from sociopaths or whether it is itself sociopathic.

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                  So the Denver @9NEWS security shooter, Matthew Robert Dolloff, now arrested for murder has quite the Facebook post history. From F@ck the Police (FTP), to sharing Occupy Denver/ Democrats, to his F@ck Trump. What I can’t find is any kind of security/police/military background.

                  Antifa mercenaries for hire?

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                    “Doloff was identified by a unique “space invaders” tattoo on his wrist, which has been associated with ‘Rosa Antifa Wien.’ According to Big League Politics, he has expressed support for BLM in Denver recently and appears to be a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter.”

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                        “Already preparing” by posting on social media…

                        Or “already preparing” in a more useful way?

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                          The Portland DA wouldn’t release this guy from jail a few hours later? Right?


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                            The Bloomberg mediajackal who wrote this thinks that Second Amendment advocates are “vaguely lunatic”:

                            Almost single-handedly she had organized a bunch of vaguely lunatic groups — the anti-vaxxers, the Second Amendment people, the chemtrail crowd — into a unified fighting force

                            Of course.

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                              This is an excellent look at where we are:

                              Parents who cave in to their children’s tantrums ruin any chance they’ll grow into productive, happy adults. If the Super Tantrum steals the election, the America experiment is over. The Harris Democrats will rejigger the rules so they’ll never lose and America will become a one-party banana republic featuring permanent bio-totalitarianism.

                              California, New York, and Illinois are previews of coming attractions. They increasingly look like collectivist third-world dumps: the favored few ultra-rich, vanishing middle classes, masses of poor, and rampant crime, corruption, squalor, and seething unrest. And this before their underfunded pensions and welfare systems’ inevitable collapse.

                              Now the question is where we go…

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                                Sounds right, but isn’t it 80% overall, not just in the 7 swing states?

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                                      Thanks for sharing. It’s worth reading especially for the link to this photo comparison: https://twitter.com/davidharsanyi/status/1298354471739830273