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      Let them eat themselves alive.

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        Right. Back in June I would have agreed if someone had said “send in the troops.”

        Trump did not. In retrospect, that response was correct.

        If Democrat prosecutors in cities run by Democrat mayors with Democrat council members with Democrat voters with Democrat-supporting businesses typically in Democrat states want to encourage the mob to incinerate their own neighborhoods and storefronts, let ’em.

        I mean, it would be nice if those Democrats were rational instead of Antifa allies. And I feel for the non-Democrat voters who have to suffer through this madness. But they can enjoy their own mess.

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        Thanks for sharing. It’s worth reading especially for the link to this photo comparison: https://twitter.com/davidharsanyi/status/1298354471739830273

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          It is sad that the wisconsinrightnow.com site had to defend its decision to include useful information with this headline:

          “Why We’ve Decided to Tell You the Criminal Records of the Men Shot in Kenosha”

          There should be no defense needed. But maybe they felt the need to justify their decision to the mob.

          The author is a former police sergeant. That probably helps.

          Too bad the rest of the media can’t do the same.

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            More background: https://nypost.com/2020/08/31/man-suspected-in-deadly-portland-shooting-is-100-antifa/


            In case it disappears or is creatively edited:

            Michael Forest Reinoehl calls himself an anti-fascist and has posted videos and photos of demonstrations he attended since late June, accompanied by the hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #anewnation and #breonnataylor…

            Reinoehl was raised in Sandy and has had recent addresses in Northeast Portland, Gresham and Clackamas. He described himself on social media and in a video interview with Bloomberg QuickTake News as a professional snowboarder and contractor who has former military experience but “hated” his time in the army.

            Sources familiar with the case but not authorized to speak said police are investigating Reinoehl. A family member also identified him as a man captured in photos and video seen leaving the shooting scene shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday.

            Also his sister (Reinoehl is reportedly estranged from his family because he steals from them) turned him in to the cops:

            She called Sandy police to report the threat, she said. Once she looked online and saw screenshots of her brother’s photo, she said she called Portland detectives.

            “We reached out to police and confirmed that we recognized Michael in the screenshots,” she said. She asked that her name not be used because of the threats.

            Oh, and he was already wanted by the police on an unrelated warrant.

            What a winner.

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                This is unsurprising because there was no immediate downside for the People’s Republic if they chose to go down this path.

                Good-government conservatives and libertarians who continue, nostalgically, to believe that constitutional norms are followed might suggest a longer-term downside. That could happen if the People’s Republic wins en banc and the good guys go to the Supreme Court. On that theory, if the Court accepts the case, the good guys could win a victory that invalidates anti-constitutional magazine restrictions nationwide. Three cheers for our constitutional republic and checks and balances!

                But this is of course fantasy. We live in a post-constitutional kritocracy where violent rioters are blessed by our rulers and 17-year olds who defend themselves from the mob are prosecuted for first-degree homicide. The Court’s anti-2A majority will make sure the text of the Constitution is ignored, subverted, and bypassed in this case. Remind me again what anti-2A laws has this Court struck down in, say, the last 10 years, despite having probably over 100 opportunities?

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                    Alternate headline:

                    Crack Wall Street Journal investigative mediajackals panic after discovering “more than 40 posts” where someone may be legally trying to sell their firearm to someone else, which again is legal, in a county of 330 million people and perhaps twice that number of firearms

                    Too long for the front page?

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                      This is the video embedded in the Breitbart article: https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1298118316951707648

                      “Y’all get back to the cars… Y’all get in the cars… It’s time to go. He over there with a gun. [another voice: We’re leaving.] He’s doin’ shootin’ at us… Get in the cars. Get in the cars. [another voice: F–kin’ Go!] [another voice: They shootin’ at us, bro?]”

                      Police in major metro areas have been told to stand down, or are deliberately choosing to stand down.

                      Homeowners are stepping it up. But what happens when the mob shoots back?

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                        …..what happens when the mob shoots back ?

                        Then their body count starts - everywhere they try to go.

                        …..and of course, the Democrats will immediately demand 2A be completely eliminated with forced confiscation, etc. - but only affecting bitter clingers. The mob can do whatever they want because….. yeah.

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                          And then the mob becomes the police… And normal Americans get the reeducation treatment if they’re lucky, and the Gulag if they’re not…

                          Here’s a longer version of the video (closer to 10 minutes): https://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhKOi32183cR1N586N

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                          Part Two in the saga of:

                          …..what happens when the mob shoots back ?

                          Ask and ye shall receive….. BLM Protesters Shot By Homeowners While Marching Through Rural Town

                          I’m sure there’s gonna be Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, etc.

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                          Could be. But if Biden wins, a Cultural Revolution 2.0 attempt seems more likely. Conservative White men are deplorable racist transphobic Nazi supremacist separatist haters (and probably species-ist as well) who don’t deserve to live a normal life.

                          Fortunately, at least from their perspective, the left has lots of experience at building Gulags.

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                            Now imagine this scene playing out across dozens of Democrat cities.

                            Why would you want to work as a cop in a Democrat city when the Democrat politicians applaud mob rule, the Democrat prosecutors endorse mob rule, and the Democrat judges permit it?

                            But the Democrat politicians still want crimes to be investigated and arrests made. Right?

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                              I get a great deal of email from angry young rightist knuckleheads demanding to know what it is that conservatives have conserved. The Second Amendment is one of those things. That did not happen by accident. We did not get lucky. The very conservative institution-building that Donald Trump and other right-wing populists sneer at is what gave us such instruments as the Federalist Society, which has trained up a generation of constitutionalist judges.

                              This is partially true. The Second Amendment is probably the only thing at issue in the culture wars that has been conserved.

                              But that is not because of the Never Trump crew at institutions like National Review, which can reasonably be counted on to make The Conservative Case for Gun Confiscation at some point soon. See, for instance, last year’s National Review proclamation that “A Universal-Background-Check Law Would Not Violate the Second Amendment .” (Would National Review ever argue that “a universal background check law for abortions would not violate the Constitution?” Of course not.)

                              The current partial conservation of gun rights is because of the hard work of grassroots activists (who hang out on places like AR15.com, not nationalreview.com), litigation by mostly non-NRA groups, and state-level political work like what happened in Virginia in January. It is not because of National Review or George. “I’ll renew the Assault Weapons Ban” Bush or even the Federalist Society. It’s thanks to normal Americans.

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                                Incident: 9 August…… Local media covered it that evening, then, except for WSOC and WRAL, dropped it…… National media: Almost nothing and that almost nothing is just starting to come out over the past 12 or so hours.

                                “Sessoms ran up to the boy, put the gun near his head and fired….”

                                Darius Nathaniel Sessoms was convicted of felony larceny of firearms in Wilson County in March 2016, misdemeanor maintaining a place for a controlled substance in Wake County in April 2016 and felony marijuana possession in Nash County in November 2016, according to N.C. Department of Public Safety records. His probation was revoked twice in 2017, resulting in separate three-month stints in prison. Court records show Sessoms has two pending counts of felony maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place for a controlled substance in Wilson County.

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                                  I saw a video clip that Tucker covered it, carefully, yesterday.

                                  Too bad we can’t all agree that Children’s Lives Matter. Some people are more equal than others, I guess.

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                                    I don’t have a Twitter account - got booted off of there with many others on our side of the fence while El Guapo was still reigning supreme.

                                    Buddy of mine tells me there’s “hashtags” attempting to be kicked into gear that keep getting deleted and people permanently banned….. #SomeDont …. #TakeOutTheV ….. That’s just two of ’em.

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                                  This guy (who is not right-wing, or at least not that sympathetic to them) has some excellent videos from today: https://twitter.com/FordFischer

                                  For instance:


                                  The III% group led by Chris Hill retreated into a wall. An anti-Confederate activist pulled a handgun out of his holster, which he held in his hand facing the ground. Hill began keeping his hand on his holstered handgun. Ultimately, the anti-Confederate put his away.

                                  Worth spending some time reviewing them. Very close to shots being fired today. But the summer may be just getting started…

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                                    This is the modern communist narrative. It goes like this: The United States was founded in racism. Therefore its institutions are irredeemable. That makes a communist revolution both necessary and appropriate, through the ballot box if possible and through street violence and insurrectionary tactics if not.

                                    Sadly too many conservatives seem not to understand this, or perhaps they do not want to admit it.

                                    We have arrived at this unfortunate error in logic:

                                    When communists attack from North Korea or the Soviet Union: “Lock and load! Target the enemy! Wolverines!”

                                    When communists attack from within by being elected or commissioned as U.S. Army officers: “Sadly, this is the democratic process in action. We need to work harder at getting our side to the polls. Maybe we need to try harder to recruit the black/hispanic/etc. vote. Focus group time!”

                                    That assumes, of course, that victorious communists will still allow normal Americans to go to the polls the next time around. This is not entirely fair, I know, but too many conservatives seem to follow this line of thinking. They may not have this luxury for much longer.

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                                      The threat of “infection” will be used to justify increasingly insane and authoritarian edicts, compulsory demonstration-of-fealty rituals, and eventually the elimination of all forms of dissent. Just as the Nazis believed they were waging a war against the “subhuman races,” the New Normals will be waging a war on “disease,” and on anyone who “endangers the public health” by challenging their ideological narrative. Like every other totalitarian movement, in the end, they will do whatever is necessary to purify society of “degenerate influences” (i.e., anyone who questions or disagrees with them, or who refuses to obey their every command).

                                      Yep. It is highly useful for the rioters, looters, and various street thugs to be legally able to wear masks, especially in states or cities with anti-mask laws. The current mask mandates makes ’em more difficult to identify and arrest.

                                      Is it a coincidence that Democrat governors are the ones (for the most part, there are exceptions) decreeing and enforcing these “emergency” mask mandates?

                                      Also what happens when an “emergency” lasts, say, years?

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                                        Pretty sure it’s still a crime to walk into a bank with your face covered. Last I knew, nowhere has the law/reg been suspended/paused. Places like B.o.A. - the anti-2A banks - working with the Democrats could use their video recordings to ‘snitch’ on their customers known to own evil scary-looking gu……. Naaaaaaaaaaaah. It can’t happen here.

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                                        Short answer: Yes?

                                        Longer answer: Not only a defensible choice, but an obligation?

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                                          The linked essay is a tad too Trump-boosterish for my tastes here and there but is overall solid. Most importantly it seems to reach the right conclusion:

                                          The forces that have rallied against Trump have no intention of permitting a fair election. They have no intention of permitting the public to catch anything more than a glimpse of their decrepit choice for U.S. President. That is clear and obvious.


                                          But, if successful, the forces that have worked for decades to destroy our free Republic and to erase our Nation’s history, heritage, and culture will be able once again to press ahead with their plans, and they will likely succeed, as there will be nothing outside of outright civil war to return the Country back to the rightful owners: the American people.

                                          This November will be pretty interesting. Spicy, I think the term is.

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                                            A funny take:


                                            So apparently members of the all-black “Not F#cking Around Coalition” militia were well, f#cking around, and accidentally shot each other…