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    Hasbro Keeps ‘Mr.’ Potato Head ; The ‘Modern Makeover’ Of ‘Gender-Neutral’ Name Will Not Happen….. For Now.

    They’ll simply do it unannounced at some point soon and simply ship the ‘new’ format, their price book showing ‘gender neutral’ as sole available product for the Potato Head line.

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      First, they came for Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima.

      Then, they came for the Land O’ Lakes babe.

      Now, they’ve come for Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.

      Next, the Democrats will come for……….

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        President Trump will shortly be subpoenaed for everything - every last scrap of paper of his financial records. ‘Somehow’, NYC Democrats have already received items ‘from outside sources’….. Gee, I wonder how/why that happened.

        The two cases brought by Pennsylvania Republicans challenging the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s extension of the state’s mail-in ballot deadline during the 2020 election have been denied….. Citing constututional violation after constitutional violation, Justice Thomas and Justice Alito (with Justice Gorsuch concurring) wrote vicious dissents in The Court’s denial of certiorari on both cases.

        The 4th Amendment case:

        20-5279 WOODEN, WILLIAM D. V. UNITED STATES The motion of petitioner for leave to proceed in forma pauperis is granted. The petition for a writ of certiorari is granted limited to Question 2 presented by the petition.

        Question 2: ….whether offenses that were committed as part of a single criminal spree, but sequentially in time, were “committed on occasions different from one another” for purposes of a sentencing enhancement under the Armed Career Criminal Act.

        Know what Question 1 is in the case petition ?

        How about L.E. or any government official blatantly violating a citizen’s basic 4th Amendment rights……

        (1) Whether a police officer’s use of deception to gain entry to a constitutionally protected area violates the Fourth Amendment.

        Um….. Yeah, it does.

        SCOTUS won’t touch it.

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          ……“climate coaches” who are trained to implement “positive school culture and climate”, use “de-escalation strategies” to resolve conflict, understand and address “implicit bias” and eliminate “racial disproportionately” in school discipline practices.

          Anything I’d offer in commentary would be taken as raaaaaaaaaaacist, so I’ll leave it be.

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            Democrats and #MediaJackals: See !… See !… We told you !… We have to ban all evil scary-looking guns from possession by civilians !

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                The sad thing is that the “Trump fans next door” are probably too nice to do that.

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                    I know Colt’s been effed for a long time and this should be good news, as CZ is one hell of a solid manufacturer.

                    But all I see is yet another American arms company being owned outside of America and with the new treasonous scum in charge of our nation’s governance, we’re one step closer to an exec order banning all foreign-made and foreign-owned-companies toys that go bang, ammunition and accessories thereof.

                    And don’t even remotely think ‘it can’t happen here’. Look at what our own edipser posted just a short time before the Colt news: Biden’s Gun-Policy Plans Start To Take Shape

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                      Three weeks plus.

                      As far as anyone knows, from the very top down through cabinet and assistant level, nobody in the new administration has yet to have any contact with Israeli PM Netanyahu or senior officials.

                      When even the typical Democrat-agenda-shoving Bezos Post Washington Post notices and says ‘it’s possibly a bit of a concern for some folks’, then you know something’s truly amiss.


                      Nada para ver aqui, maing.

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                        In related news….. That purposely mis-educated ‘kid’, David Hogg, is apparently looking for start up money to open a pillow/bedding company to compete with Mike Lindell’s ‘My Pillow’. Not gonna bother to post about it here, but I fully expect him to get fully bankrolled and non-stop promoted by some of the most typical of the usual Democrat suspects.

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                            Offering statements to The Court positive for constitutional and individual rights are the following organizations:

                            Constitutional Accountability Center, a.k.a. The Firearms Policy Coalition ; The Second Amendment Foundation ; Gun Owners Of America ; The Second Amendment Law Center, Inc. jointly with The California Rifle and Pistol Association ; The Heller Foundation with The Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund ; The Constitutional Accountability Center ; Project for Privacy and Surveillance Accountability and Restore the Fourth Inc. ; The Pacific Legal Foundation ; and…… The American Civil Liberties Union. Really. The ACLU.

                            The NRA is nowhere - not even a billion light-years close - The NRA is nowhere near being involved supporting the cause in this matter.

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                                Ms. Rice will be heading President Biden’s Harris’ gun control dream team.

                                That includes naming California’s Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra to the head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He has no health experience, but knows how to call gun control “a health-care crisis” and defend unconstitutional gun grabs from Californians. There will also be Merrick Garland as Attorney General, who has ruled from the bench at every opportunity to deny gun rights.

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                                  Oh, you’re a white male Republican gun owner….. Official notice: Your banking relationship with our company has been terminated effective immediately. Your checking, savings and investment accounts have been frozen, please make arrangements to have them transferred to another financial institution within the next 10 business days. Your mortgage, personal loan, car loan, credit card balances are ‘called’ - you have 30 days to pay in full or transfer to another financial institution (if there’s still any who will do business with bitter clingers like yourself).

                                  But . That . Can’t . Happen . Here .

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                                    The law is retroactive to evey weapon owned by every citizen….. Name, Address, SS#, Mfg., Model… The works.

                                    The Database - all of it - Will be openly available to anyone - Military, L.E., Media, any government agency, ‘other organizations’ and individual citizens with or without an agenda.

                                    Not to be overly dramatic here, but….. The Democrats have The House. The Democrats have The Senate. The Democrats have The Executive Branch. The Republicans - at least half of them are RINO’s anyway - and because of that, pretty much can’t stop the Democrats in legistative action. And the Democrats will very soon have The Judicial Branch.

                                    Their brass ring is in full and plain sight, just out of reach for now.

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                                        Hi again.

                                        I don’t know enough (make that anything) about the players involved, especially ‘the little people’ supposedly at the helm of it all. I’m also not edjoomakated enough to understand the (almost assuredly rigged) game of short selling and where the money comes from to cover it.

                                        Regarding Mr. Soros, my gut is telling me no, but his known goal is to destroy our nation as a sovereign republic. One year ago - 25 January 2020 - The Washington Times ran an opinion piece: George Soros, 89, is still on a quest to destroy America.

                                        Is he capable of this level of instant mob-investment orchestration ? Probably. The one thing my gut is telling me though, it this was planned for ‘the right time’ when there’s a whole lot of other ‘distractions’ going on - like now with all the E.O.’s, ‘woke’ madness, China (including their ‘issue’ with Taiwan), Iran ramping up knowing they once again have a friend in our national government, etc..

                                        To quote a passage from one of my fav books ever: “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.” — Adm. Joshua Painter, USN — The Hunt For Red October, by Tom Clancy ©1984 Naval Institute Pres.

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                                          You think George Soros is propping up GameStop to collapse the dollar?