Yup. The 2020 version: BYORTK = Be Your Own Roof-Top Korean.

    Seriously, though, I don’t know how this is going to play out. I don’t imagine rural Oklahoma will see a lot of looting and social unrest. But I wouldn’t want to be in certain neighborhoods of Detroit, Los Angeles, etc. this summer if California Democrats impose ongoing lockdowns…


      Sad but true!

      I’m sure we can expect the Jeff Bezos-controlled Washington Post to give us some hard-hitting reporting on these decisions made by the Jeff Bezos-controlled Amazon monopoly.


        What to do #1 (snark): Hire as many RTK’s as you can. RTK = Roof-Top Koreans.

        What to do #2 (dead-serious): Pray you’re not in a blue state, or you’re gonna be considered as guilty, if not more so than the perps, simply for defending yourself and property.


          I actually think this is a good idea. Assuming that you are immue after you get it and no longer infectious, these people are given a free pass to come and go as they please.


            This ties in directly with the post from eclipser on the overseas “Immunity Certificates”, which is all overseas stuff where there’s nothing even close to our 4th Amendment (which many of us say no longer exists).

            From the article at Jim’s place:

            James Bullard, CEO of the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve, was recently on CBS’s Face The Nation:

            “You know, I have good news for you, Margaret, because we have a- there is a solution using available technology today to fix the economic part of this problem. The solution is universal testing. What you want is every single person to get tested every day. And then they would wear a badge like they would at a- after they voted or something like that to show that they’ve been tested. This would immediately sort out who’s been infected and who hasn’t been infected. That would help the health care sector. But it would also help the economy because we could interact with each other with a lot of confidence.”

            Former FDA commission Scott Gottlieb also appeared on the show and spoke about how we need “massive surveillance system” to combat the virus.

            “Juden !… Ihre papiere bitte… Schnell !”

            You know, I have bad news for you Mr. Bullard and you too Mr. Gottlieb, because we still have a Constitution and Bill of Rights, although becoming decimated at an alarming rate, there’s a solution using available technology today to fix the issue of politicians and especially un-elected political-agenda-nudging appointed officials violating their oaths of office, overstepping their authority and more. The solution “shall not be infringed”.

            I keep having this nightmare….. It started shortly after the 2018 elections. I wake up one weekend morning, getting ready to play golf, my phone lights up with texts from a few friends at the same time… “They did it, the effing democrats did it ! Took out POTUS, V-POTUS, SCOTUS Justices Alito & Thomas, Six R senators including Rand Paul and a bunch of Congress R’s like Massie and Scalise…. Nancy Pelosi was just sworn in as POTUS !”

            Do not come close to telling me “it can’t happen here” Never and I mean N E V E R put anything - A N Y T H I N G - past the Democrats in their quest to destroy American citizens’ rights liberties and freedoms.

            1. 1

              Okay, before I blow through the roof, please understand that I get it - believe me, I get it. India has 1.5 billion people and they’re keeping it all for themselves. I get it.


              If I was President Trump, I would immediately - and I mean rightfckngnow - end the Indian visa setup and order immediate deportation of all the Apu and Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon participants in our country - get the fck out rightfck*ng now.

              And then, every single pharmaceutical item made in India for our country, bring it back here. Hand only the patriotic pharma companies - if there are any - complete tax breaks, tell ‘em, “Get your sht ramped up rightfck*ngnow.” And if there aren’t any even remotely patriotic pharma companies left, get hold of any and all patriotic American companies that have a pill/capsule press, and/or can make sterile fluids and tell ‘em, “Here’s the deal, let’s roll.”

              Enough is enough.

              We have how many of India’s people here who were handed jobs Americans should have ? Hell, half the jobs they were handed Americans DID have - Americans were ordered to train them, then the Americans were summarily dismissed, here’s two weeks, you’re out. Your job is now being done by someone making literally 25% of what you made.

              That’s where I’m completely corked off on……. And as of right now, over 11 million Americans lost their jobs in the past two weeks. You think maybe six or seven, maybe even eight or nine, possibly as many as a dozen of those folks would do just about anything to be working ?

              This is all a big nudge - shove - to grab the brass ring by the Democrats here who are also one-worlders and the big players of ICR2P. If you still don’t know about ICR2P and their offshoot ICLEI, please look them up.

              And you can bet your bottom dollar there’s more and deadlier strains of this bug coming - especially bank on Iran and maybe the Norks going for their own mutations.

              Yes, really. I stopped giving a sht how far-fetched something sounds, because it CAN happen here and it is…. rightfck*ngnow.

              ……and after they stop people from buying clothing, plus buying and even growing food, then they’ll go after the power grid.

              This whole exercise is not gonna end well.

              1. 1

                First paragraph of the article begins with:

                China was appointed on Wednesday to a United Nations Human Rights Council panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body’s human rights investigators — including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention……

                1. 1

                  Company statement: https://www.hobbylobby.com/covid-19

                  Unless their online business goes up exponentially, Hobby Lobby may not survive.

                  Democrats rejoice and pray to the ObamaClintonSoros diety the same happens to Chick-Fil-A.

                  1. 1

                    I don’t know how to ‘draw’ with keyboard characters and symbols, of instead of these words, all you’d see would be a Star of David with the word ‘Juden’ inside.

                    1. 1

                      Love it. And what a great analogy most any husband or wife could understand. The shopping list has gotta be followed, not dismissed willy-nilly, for good, solid reasons - marital bliss and a better future.

                      1. 1

                        They’re searching for only one thing…… evil scary-looking gu…… Naaaaaaaaaaah.  Can’t happen there.  Uncle Joe The Kid Toucher lives in Delaware with his shotguns.

                        1. 1

                          Issuing health-related civil orders is new territory for the courts, according to Judge Charles Cunningham, who issued two Friday. The third was issued earlier this month when a South End resident who tested positive for coronavirus refused to self-isolate.

                          “The home incarceration program is well-suited for this,” said Amy Hess, the city’s chief of public services, which includes oversight of Metro Corrections and Emergency Services. “It provides us with the proper amount of distancing. We can monitor activity after (the monitoring device) gets affixed to them … to make sure they’re not further affecting the community.

                          The earlier order: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2020/03/22/louisville-man-ordered-quarantinedlouisville-man-ordered-quarantined/2895866001/

                          Interesting to note: Jefferson Circuit Judge Charles Cunningham reprimanded after actions in murder case ; Judicial Misconduct and ethics violations. http://www.barcomplaint.com/issue-with-judges/kentucky-jefferson-circuit-judge-charles-cunningham-reprimanded-after-actions-in-murder-case/

                          Nada para ver aqui, maing. Vamanos !

                          1. 2

                            Power and control, my friend. Power and control.

                            Any money is secondary, or simply one of the vehicles in the Democrats amassing power and control.

                            1. 1

                              The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is also backing the lawsuit by demanding the Trump administration release all illegal aliens in custody into America.

                              And of course, the two organizations filing the suit went court and judge shopping:

                              The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division.

                              The obvious end result of this filed lawsuit will be: X = 4 + 4 / Roberts

                              1. 1

                                Forget all other nations. I’m almost at the point where I don’t give a tinker’s cuss about any other nation. No other nation has anything even close to our fundamental right in Privileges And Immunities, plus The 4th Amendment to The Constitution of The United States.

                                As I and many others have previously offered in opinion, The 4th Amendment to The Constitution of The United States no longer exists. Privileges And Immunities, well that’s hanging on by a very thin thread which is quickly unraveling.

                                1. 1

                                  This is kind of nuts.

                                  My understanding of the guidance that many hospitals are providing is that if a person testing positive for COVID-19 does not require hospitalization, that patient is sent home and expected to self-isolate. Family members are expected to provide nursing care to that patient. There is even guidance about the COVID-19 patient using a separate bathroom, etc.

                                  Are the lives of those family members doing unpaid nursing (out of love) any less important than the non-family members doing paid nursing at the local hospital? If a paid nurse qualifies to purchase an N95 mask, why not an unpaid one?

                                  1. 1

                                    How do governments, hospitals and healthcare providers qualify ?

                                    By continuous verification in the affirmative of the following Bezos orders:

                                    Full support and compliance with ElGuapoCare, especially as pertaining to the death panels.

                                    The screening process for incoming patients is now simplified. Name and Social Security Number, plus Driver License or official identification, cell phone number, plus a ‘cheek swab’ to collect DNA. This information will be entered into a new national database.

                                    Full compliance with ‘chipping’ all patients prior to the next step in the process, which is:

                                    Full adherence to immediate and complete abandonment of and not providing any care to any patient 65 and older, all Republicans and all firearms owners.

                                    /snark Or is it ?

                                    1. 1

                                      Clothing. Really ? Really !?!

                                      Home and GARDEN items and equipment - GARDEN - that includes anything and everything needed to grow your own food.

                                      Next - and soon - will be ALL stores banned from selling the listed items and more.

                                      I’m not gonna say what I want to right now, because this isn’t the place the razor’s edge gets tipped over. Vermont is Bernie Sanders country, they willingly elect totalitarians, communists and socialists for governance. I truly HOPE ‘the people’ enjoy the CHANGE.

                                      1. 1

                                        The problem is that we do not have a solid randomly controlled clinical trial yet.

                                        There is a small negative trial. There is a small positive trial.

                                        This is not sufficient. It is more wishful thinking than evidence-based medicine. Clinicians do not (yet) IMHO have enough hard evidence to consider early treatment with HCQ of patients suspected of COVID-19.

                                        1. 1

                                          On the other hand:


                                          Hydroxychloroquine alert . The Medicines Agency (ANSM) warned on Monday that the treatments tested against Covid-19 could cause serious adverse effects and should “in no case” be used for self-medication, while three deaths potentially linked to these treatments have been reported.

                                          “Thirty” of serious adverse effects, including “three deaths” have so far been reported in patients with coronavirus treated with Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) but also other drugs such as Kaletra (an antiretroviral combining lopinavir / ritonavir), said Dominique Martin, the director general of the ANSM.