Read another way: Democrats are more diverse becuase they like the same mainstream news sources we do.


      PS: As for the second half of the linked article, it complains that:

      By 2040, 70 percent of Americans will live in the 15 largest states. That means 70 percent of America will be represented by only 30 senators, while the other 30 percent of America will be represented by 70 senators.

      It seems that if Democrats are sufficiently committed to their party, principles, and their unique vision of the future of the nation, there is a simple solution. Democrats in the “15 largest states” could disperse throughout the country.

      I note the #MediaJackal author in question, Ezra Klein, appears to live in the SF bay area. Is he insufficiently devoted to his party’s principles? Why does he not move to, say, Alaska and take his vote with him?


        This is an interesting paragraph from the linked article:

        The Democratic Party is not just more diverse in who it represents; it’s also more diverse in whom it listens to. A new Pew survey tested Democratic and Republican trust in 30 different media sources, ranging from left to right. Democrats trusted 22 of the 30 sources, including center-right outlets like The Wall Street Journal. Republicans trusted only seven of the 30 sources, with PBS, the BBC and The Wall Street Journal the only mainstream outlets with significant trust.

        Left unstated by the #MediaJackal author Ezra Klein is an argument that 30 media sources are equally trustworthy, fair, and accurate. But there is no reason to assume that is the case. There is good reason to assume the opposite.

        Another way to interpret these data is that Republicans are more discerning, or pay attention to news sources that more closely match reality, or both.


          These two things are happening at the same time:

          1. #MediaJackal and political elites falsely are calling Second Amendment advocates, including those good souls who peaceably assembled in Richmond last week, extremists and kooky and dangerous and worse. The latest falsehood is “white nationalist.” It is not only the New Yorker. See this compilation video.

          2. Second Amendment advocates (and normals who pay attention) know the truth about those good souls who peaceably assembled in Richmond last week. Elected sheriffs showed up with protect-the-2A banners, racial minorities joined the pro-2A gathering, and a bunch of anti-2A interlopers from California spent the day there unmolested. The whole thing looked like a lot of fun.

          #MediaJackals and political elites believe that the term “white nationalist” will be a show-stopper. They believe it will cause normals to reconcile in horror from 2A advocates–and cause 2A advocates to be wary of future gatherings.

          The danger, from the point of view of #MediaJackals and political elites, is what happens if the falsehood “white nationalist” loses its sting among normals. Most of the people who gathered in Richmond were white, reflecting the majority-white population of Virginia. We can guess that most of them were Trump-esque nationalists in wanting enforceable borders, an “America First” foreign policy, and laws that prioritize Americans over foreigners.

          If white, nationalist Second Amendment advocates keep getting told they’re “white nationalists,” they might start thinking about what happens if they drop the comma. I do not know if this will happen. But I wonder if the #MediaJackals and political elites have thought through the consequences of their falsehoods.


            I like this take:

            The arrogance, the dismissiveness, the smug cackling, the accents.

            If Donald Trump wins re-election this year, I’ll remember this brief CNN segment late one Saturday night in January as the perfect encapsulation for why it happened.

            What a delightful Donald Trump campaign ad this will make! Thanks, CNN #MediaJackals.

            The thing about the #MediaJackals and their amen corner among the never-Trumpers is that they can’t help themselves. Arrogance, smugness, supercilious conceit are in their nature. The elites are so confident now that they don’t even bother to hide it anymore from the normals.

            This creates an opportunity.


              Howdy to all my fellow ignorant rednecks who can’t read anything other than the ‘safe/fire’ selector on our evil scary-looking toys that go bang which cause climate racism due to th……

              I had to. :-P


                And a whole lot of people never saw Ms. Bondi go for it, because ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, all the usual suspects (hell, not suspects, they’re traitors, aiding and abetting) including Fox News cut away from Ms. Bondi’s address after a few minutes.

                I’ll give CNN one thing though, their typical Democrat agenda-nudging reporter last name of Toobin, called the Biden issue “sleazy” on the Biden’s part. I bet he got a stern talking-to at minimum.

                1. 1

                  There are two things worth noting. The first is that Barack Obama has not denied this report after a day or two. We can assume it’s true. We can also assume that Obama does not have the courage to stand behind his words publicly.

                  The other thing worth nothing is that the left remains badly confused about what fascism is.

                  1. 1

                    It’s not much of an article. It’s quoting from an analyst note. Some excerpts:

                    Firearm and ammunition companies are watching for signs of a mounting focus on guns as the 2020 presidential election draws closer, according to CL King.

                    “Under the current Republican-dominated political narrative, gun enthusiasts have not engaged in nearly as much panic buying as they did in previous cycles, following mass shootings or in the aftermath of heightened Democrat party rhetoric on tightening gun ownership laws,” analyst Scott Stember said in a note.

                    “While the lion’s share of industry players prefer not to run their businesses based on politically-fueled surge activity,” he said, many are “prepared to pick up the pace from a production standpoint, if rhetoric in the upcoming election cycle starts to heat up and creates a new lift in demand by way of panic buying.”

                    “We found most industry players’ (including gun distributors/dealers and gun/ammunition manufacturers) moods to be far better than they were a year ago, now with inventory (at both the distributor and consumer level) finally in balance and with a subsequent abatement in the level of aggressive promotional pricing,” he wrote. Stember added that “most were still cautiously optimistic, awaiting a direction as we enter the current presidential election cycle.”

                    Stember added an observation about Walmart Inc., which in September said it would curtail ammunition sales after store shootings. “We found from most that the stalwart retailer completed its process of discontinuing the sale of various types of ammo by the end of December,” he said. “The major belief is that the lion’s share of the displaced product (about $150 million to $200 million worth of annualized sales) will simply find other homes and be sold by other outlets over time.” Walmart’s shares have climbed 1% since the end of August.

                    1. 1


                      It is the same as saying:

                      “We live in an elite neighborhood. One of our neighbors is a child molester who preys upon young children. We all know about him–we all know what he is doing. But he knows to leave our children alone. He preys only upon young children from the poor section of the city. He leaves the children of the elites alone. So we do nothing about it. Who cares if the underclass lose some children? They are beneath our notice. They can always have more. Plus our neighbor has a really nice private jet, you know?”

                      The interesting thing is that Cindy McCain admitted this publicly. She is not dumb. She has a master’s degree, serves on lots of boards, and is the chair of a ~$400M/year wholesale/distribution company.

                      One possibility is that is that she doesn’t care what we think. She is a member of the elite. Our opinions do not matter. Both major parties are corrupt, with the legacy media as their enabler and protector. So she can laugh at us. There is nothing we can do.

                      1. 1

                        The beauty of videos like this is that it exposes our ostensible ruling class elites for the simpletons they really are. They would like to pretend they are smarter than us and more knowledgeable than normal people. They are not.

                        Virginia Delegate Mark Levine, a Democrat, can make mouth noises that sound like coherent sentences. He reportedly graduated from Yale Law School, which presumably teaches this skill. But if you know anything about the topic, the mouth noises sound like gibberish.

                        You might as well ask this lawyer what he thinks of the timing of the viral emergence of 2019-nCoV based on phylogenetic analyses, or about fast quantum algorithms for a partial function invariant under permutation symmetry. You will get mouth noises. An earlier generation would have said that Yale Law School has taught its graduates the art of flim-flam. You will not get anything sensible.

                        It would be possible for Virginia Delegate Mark Levine to learn something about firearms. It would take an hour or two. After all, this is the biggest topic of the year for the Virginia legislature. But he has refused to do that. It is easier to try to pass off malarkey as truth.

                        The reason he has refused to do that is that the fix is in. He will vote to ban “assault weapons,” whether because he’s been told to do so by his funders or the elites, or because he hates gun owners. If the deplorable normals figure out that Virginia Delegate Mark Levine doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he doesn’t care. The deplorables are beneath contempt and can be safely ignored. He knows what he needs to do.

                        1. 1

                          …..and the states’ attorneys-generals going after ‘The G’ will each experience nudges of epic proportions, the types which make ‘Clintoncide’ seem normal.

                          1. 2

                            “We all knew about him–we all knew what he was doing.”

                            And, of course, as typical Democrats and RINO’s, you did nothing. None of you. That means you - all of you - either were part of it, or condone it all and purposely kept it hidden.

                            I can’t come close to properly expressing my pure disgust regarding people the likes of Ms. McCain.

                            1. 1

                              95 : 1 ? I’m actually surprised it’s that close.

                              1. 1

                                The average person hasn’t the slightest clue of what their smartypantsphone is doing. It’s criminal at best - with the worst part being a person has to click ‘yes’ on the terms of use agreement or the smartypants phone won’t work.

                                At least with Samsung, if you don’t ever enable their ‘Bixby’ spyware (it’s their version of Apple’s Siri), it (supposedly) doesn’t go operational and the phone works as normal….. However, I fully believe that Samsung’s ‘Bixby’ is running in the background anyway, tracking, saving and sending data like E.T. phones home - there’s that hush-hush complex in sandy Utah that most people haven’t a clue about.

                                And anyone who willingly / purposely gets one of those ‘digitla assistants’ and worse, creates a ‘smart home’ in concert with a digital assistant has voluntarily given up their 4th Amendment rights.

                                Also, the average person hasn’t the slightest idea how much of their day is captured on camera, with many (almost all) of the new systems having full “analytics”, including facial recognition, audio capture, etc. ; recordings/data saved forever - cataloged, broken out to whatever the end-user wants, because the end-user enters the save parameters.

                                That last bit, I know of what I speak, I’m in the business as an integrator - access control, surveillance and video intercom systems. I’m getting out. I want no part of where the industry is going, especially when dealing with government agencies.

                                1. 1

                                  I can’t see anything on Bloombergistan News - I have a solid advert blocker and absolutely refuse to pay a single cent for any subscription into that typical Democrat all-rights-grabbing bastage’s coffers.

                                  Lemme guess the slant of the article: …..and it’s all OrangeManBad’s fault evil scary-looking gun manufacturers and retailers will sell to civilians because he caused global gender warming to be racist against abortion and th……


                                  1. 2

                                    Here’s the Democrat politician who is the author of the bill: https://virginiageneralassembly.gov/house/members/members.php?district_address=&district_phone=&district_fax&id=H0288

                                    Here’s what he thinks of the Second Amendment (hint: doesn’t like it very much, wants a “ban on assault weapons,” etc.): https://twitter.com/JeffMBourne/status/1146529411832909824

                                    1. 2

                                      This is the first I’ve heard about HB1627. It’s difficult to keep all of these straight. HB1627 doesn’t even appear on VCDL’s bill tracker. (If the tracker is exclusively 2A-focused, that might be a good reason for VCDL to exclude it. On the other hand, odds of an enacted HB1627 being used against law-abiding 2A supporters seem fairly high.)

                                      In Virginia, threats and harassment are already crimes under existing law, of course. Existing law (§ 18.2-60.1.) treats threats against “the Governor or his immediate family” differently and more seriously. But my understanding is that under existing law, those criminal charges would be brought, and a jury seated, in the jurisdiction where the alleged supposed was made.

                                      If HB1627 were to become law, supposed threats against “the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia” could also be prosecuted in “the City of Richmond.”

                                      I am unaware of any significant number of credible threats made against those state employees. And Monday’s rally was peaceful. So there does not seem to be a problem that needs to be solved.

                                      So why has a Democrat proposed this new law? It is to prosecute Internet comments and other speech viewed as lawful (where made) in a city with Democrat-dominated juries. It is intended to put those noisome right-wingers in their place. They are second-class citizens. They do not deserve the right to a jury of their peers. They deserve only a jury of Democrats.

                                      1. 2

                                        Filed 16 January 2020 and currently in committee.

                                        Anything written, said, or even hinted at that’s even slightly dissenting from their agenda will be taken by the typical Democrats as a threat.

                                        This is nothing short of operational Totalitarianism.

                                        If anyone at the rally knew about HB1627, they didn’t say anything at all.

                                        1. 1

                                          These are among the bills that were approved today, descriptions thanks to VCDL:

                                          HB 9, Bourne, must report stolen or lost guns within 24 hours. Passed by a 14 to 7 vote.

                                          HB 421, Price, lets localities create their own gun control. Destroys preemption. Passed by a 12 to 9 vote.

                                          HB 674, Sullivan, Red Flag bill, passed by a 12 to 9 vote.

                                          HB 1004, Mullen, no gun rights during protective order, passed by a 19 to 2 vote.

                                          HB 1083, Hayes, a class 6 felony for leaving a loaded unsecured gun where anyone under 18 has access. Passed out of committee by a 12 to 9 partisan vote.

                                          HB 812, Ward, zone Handgun a Month, passed out of committee by a 12 to 9 vote. No exemption for permit holders.

                                          HB 2, Plum, universal background checks, passed out of committee by a 12 to 9 vote.

                                          Some of VCDL’s counts are different from what the VA House website at the link above reports. For instance, VCDL says HB 9’s vote was 14-7, but the House website says 15-7. Same with HB 421 and HB 674. But on the crucial point of whether or not the bills were actually approved by committee and will now advance to the House floor, both sources agree.

                                          The “red flag” bill, HB 674, was reported by a 13-9 vote. Voting in favor were: “Hope, Bourne, Plum, Kory, Lopez, Rasoul, Price, Levine, Carroll Foy, Helmer, Cole, J.G., Simonds, Jenkins.” A quick look at the list of Virginia House Democrats says that all of those voting in favor were Democrats, and all of those opposed were Republicans.

                                          We need to give the Virginia Democrats credit for excellent party discipline. Unfortunately that discipline is directed at enacting anti-constitutional laws.

                                          A few things to note. First, the Virginia Senate Democrats have already approved their version of the “red flag” bill in a floor vote earlier this week, so there’s clearly lots of support for it. Second, Democrats have been remarkably quiet on whether it’s even necessary given Virginia’s extensive existing law. Third, if Monday’s Lobby Day in Richmond, Va., was intended to convince Democrats to vote in a pro-2A direction, it did not accomplish that goal. Though I suspect it stiffened Republicans’ resolve and helped to reduce GOP defections in an anti-constitutional direction like those that happened last week in Florida.