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    PETA…. Crickets (because they’re Democrats).

    HSUS…. Crickets (because they’re Democrats too).

    Democrats and the media: ‘It’s for the children’.

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      Wanna bet within a short time, Uncle Kid Sniffer and Co. ban all importation of black powder ?

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        We already suspected that Asians were “guilty of anti-Blackness”:

        https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1396310016173363202 The founder of Stop AAPI Hate says that Asians are “White adjacent,” guilty of anti-Blackness. She says Asians should stop focusing on a “minority” of violent incidents that see Asians attacked, and should shift focus to Whites in positions of power.

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            Media to say the Chinese Kung Flu is raaaaaaaaaaacist in 5, 4, 3…….

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              The first thing Russian President Vladimir Putin did was to offer ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the victims and families.

              The second thing Russian President Vladimir Putin did was to order a complete re-write of the civilian right to arms….. And he wants it done and in force yesterday.

              The Democrats here are loving every second of it and can’t wait for their ‘moment in the sun’ to form up and th…… Oh, right. It can’t happen here.

              Keep telling yourself that.

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                Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein stated in an interview with Luke Ford: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.”[41] “Even when Jews live in a society that welcomes them instead of harassing them, many Jews hate the majority culture.”[42]

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                  According to Nathan Abrams, a Jewish professor at the University of Aberdeen, many Jewish pornographers identified as sexual revolutionary activists and were inspired by the antifascist praxis of Reich and Marcuse. And while students and Jewish anarchists were throwing Molotov cocktails at the police “to resist the fascism of whiteness” in the 1960s, Jewish activists also sought to liberate women from what Betty Friedan called the “‘comfortable concentration camp’ of the household” by enlisting them as actresses in hardcore porn films.[37] To Abrams, the overwhelming overrepresentation of Jews in the porn industry is clearly “a case of the traditional revolutionary/radical drive of immigrant Jews in America being channeled into sexual rather than Leftist politics.”[38] To drive this point home, the Jewish porn actress Nina Hartley described “herself as ‘the blonde Jew’ porn star from ‘a long line of radical Jews,’ who ‘wants everyone to have a piece — a piece of sex, a piece of the means of production, a piece of a warm communist community’ and ‘a piece of the promised Messianic Age.’”[39]

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                      It must be my lack of imagination, but I did not expect that even chili and burger recipes would be swept up in the cultural revolution.

                      And things are just getting rolling…

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                        My vice is golf…. My hobby is cooking and food overall. I used to watch Epicurious TV shows, subscribed to the magazine, visited the website regularly. That stopped in mid-2019. The magazine went ‘woke’ before the term was being widely used as it is now. That’s when they started cutting back on beef recipes too. but more blatantly, as if overnight, went full-tilt ‘green’ on many things and the like - basically starting to openly shill for The Democrat Party, with a nod to vegetarians and vegans in the process.

                        Owners: Conde-Nast…… Anna Wintour, one of the woke-est of the woke typical Democrat-backers (Hillary, Kamala, Warren, Bernie, etc.) is the “Global Chief Content Officer” of the overall corporation.

                        Over 70 million print subscribers, almost 400 million digital paying customers and half a billion ‘followers’ on ‘social media’ platforms.

                        Conde-Nast is the publisher of the following way-to-the-left-of-left offerings:

                        Physical And Online Magazines….. Allure ; Architectural Digest ; Bon Appétit ; Condé Nast Traveler ; GQ ; The New Yorker ; Vanity Fair ; Vogue ; Wired

                        Digital-Platform Magazines….. Ars Technica ; Backchannel ; Epicurious ; Glamour ; Pitchfork ; them. ; Teen Vogue ; Self ; Love ; La Cucina Italiana

                        Look up what went down with ‘Teen Vogue’ a while back - You’ll understand the ‘nudge’ that is Conde-Nast real quick-like that way.

                        You don’t/can’t work for them if you’re not one of ‘them’.

                        Here’s a link to a Forbes Magazine article from yesterday - 27 April 2021.

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                          There are only two - count ‘em - Wun, Tuu - There’s only two sane, constitution-and-rights-upholding SCOTUS Justices ; Thomas and Alito.

                          This case can easily and completely invalidate 2A.

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                            Update, just into 23 April east coast time.

                            1. Robert (El Guapo’s B.F.F.) Runcie’s attorney said everything to everyone except the actual word, ‘Heedindoonuffin’.

                            2. Arrested with Mr. Runcie was the Broward Schools General Council, Barbara Myrick, charged with felony unlawful disclosure of state grand jury proceedings.

                            The thick plottens bigly-yuuuuuge with numero dos.

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                              Somebody send in a few food trucks right where the hunger strikers are set up. Kinda sorta almost maybe on the same line like this from 2019.


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                                The media lied ?… No !… Never !… It can’t happen here !

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                                    Drinking milk to symbolize white supremacy is a years old ‘4chan’ invented meme that was created to troll racism-obsessed leftists.

                                    Now they’re seriously talking about it as a social justice cause in government meetings.

                                    Give it a little bit and along with all the other ‘woke’ things to bring in true totalitarianism, it’s coming here….. Guaranteed.

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                                      Bonus: less than $50 a year in property taxes!

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                                        It’s killing or seriously damaging people via blood clots. And these futhermuckers, with the blessings of Uncle Kid Sniffer’s administraton, are/were “testing” it on children for approximately three weeks.

                                        Guess what….. The same thing happened with the Astra-Zeneca “vaccine”. Nice to know that now, eh ?

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                                          “The Jewish lobby” in what remains of our nation loves one thing and one thing only: Democrats.

                                          And this’n heah Jewboy doesn’t understand it at all. I cannot fathom how 95% of “my people” side with evil incarnate.