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Proud member of the species Bitterus Clingerata and since 2009, a Patriot Guard Rider.

My home: Broward County, Florida - Ground-zero for almost every current and wannabe elected and appointed official not caring about constitutionality, especially state constitutionality when it comes to 2A (790 Statutes), a.k.a. all-rights-grabbing treasonous filth breathing a free peoples’ air, a.k.a., typical Democrats.

My home on the net, The American Survival Guide Forum…… Apologies, but we took it private, because we were getting hit daily by ‘The Nudge Brigade’, a.k.a., typical Democrats in the form of ‘Big Tech’ - d.o.s. attacks on our small forum registering at any give minute ‘online guests’ in the hundreds of thousands, ‘blacklisting’ by the usual suspects, etc. If you’d like more info on our forum, please click on https://theamericansurvivalguide.com/ and scroll down past the ‘What to do if you get the Chinese Kung Flu’ video presentation.