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    Signature….. That’s the bank which closed President Trump’s accounts and ordered him/his family and businesses to take the money elsewhere.

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      I believe that.

      I also believe Jeffrey Epstein, Vince Foster, Seth Rich, et al, committed suicide.

      I believe there’s absolutely nothing cognitively amiss with both the current president and junior senator from Pennsylvania.


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        They’re still calling it a ‘leak’…. Riiiiiiiiight.

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          The only ‘turmoil’ should be the cacophony of perp-walks starring magistrates, judges and justices being removed from the bench and charged with violations of their oaths, plus constitutional and citizens rights violations vis-a-vis upholding, protecting and defending The Second Amendment.

          PS…… Memo to The Associated Press: Please stop whining, eliminate the hand-wringing, lose the pearl-clutching and back-off the Democrat agenda-shoving support. If rights go south, they go south for everybody, not just those you disagree with.

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              Dass mye guvernator, git-r-done !


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                For a minute or so, I honestly thought that headline (and subsequent article) was a Babylon Bee offering, or Mr. Turley simply being his own snarkeriffically great writer.

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                  Mr. Nudgestein can’t stop laughing.

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                    Ahhhhhh, my state never ceases to amaze.

                    Snarkified thought:

                    Dude shoulda chewed his ‘finger-gun’ into the shape of a Pop Tart…. No harm, no foul then, right ?


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                        Same link as the initial, article was updated - expect additional.

                        Well, that didn’t take long. Tis’ officially requested by Armenia: Help us Obi-Wan Putin, you’re our only hope.

                        An official appeal to the Russian Federation in order to implement the provisions of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, as well as to the Collective Security Treaty Organization….

                        Looks like Azerbaijan won the coin toss for tapping The Biden Crime Family on the shoulder, saying ‘Hey… Pssssst… Remember us ?… We’re making an offer you can’t refuse. Bend over.’

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                          Snark or real ?

                          1. Neither side will admit to firing first and are accusing each other. (So far, real. The next two…… well…… I wouldn’t put anything whatsoever past the media and our Democrats.)

                          2. Both sides are blaming Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos, OrangeManBad and global warming.

                          3. Both sides are also claiming a minority ownership stake in The Biden Crime Family and are both demanding at least $1 trillion in emergency funding.

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                            The Democrats are scared schmitteless about two things.

                            1. The pendulum swinging in the opposite direction from them even in the slightest, and they’ll do anything - a n y t h i n g - to stop that from occurring, because of…..

                            2. An armed citizenry alert, aware and on point to uphold, protect and defend.

                            It’s coming.

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                              This is why you 1) keep your doors locked, 2) in-home carry, and 3) don’t talk to the p.o.s., just make sure when you shoot that the waste of space and air is facing you, or bad bad bad legal jojo is gonna come raining down on your head.

                              A fourth thing is highly recommended for your home: A video system.

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                                Dems Weaponize the IRS to Silence Critics

                                Dems Weaponize the IRS to Eliminate Critics

                                There. Fixed it for you.

                                Tool up. It’s coming.

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                                  Initially appointed to the federal bench in 2007 by then-President George W. Bush, Judge Glenn Thomas Suddaby is currently the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York.

                                  NY State’s “Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA)” basically eliminates 99% of the state from permissible/approved concealed carry areas - of course what is now permissible is only allowed with a government-issued permit….. and with the permit application, a citizen is now required to provide all - as in every single one - of their ‘social media’ accounts identifications, which will be meticulously checked by ‘the state’ for any - and that means any, even one - offering of dissent from the state’s (thoroughly-typical treasonous Democrat) agenda. Any found - even one - is full grounds for concealed-carry permit denial….. and more than likely said citizen will be placed on a list of….. yeah.

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                                    Dear Thoroughly Typical Treasonous Democrats:

                                    Do you want to start “it” ?….. Because that’s how YOU start “it”.


                                    Guess Who

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                                      There was another mass shooting in Indiana yesterday.

                                      1 dead, 4 wounded.


                                      PS….. On the mall event, Simon Properties, the biggest mall owner on the planet, is as anti-2A as it gets, with every location a posted ‘gun-free zone’, will more than likely demand L.E. arrest the citizen for felony trespassing, violating mall rules by having an evil scary-lookin’ toy that goes bang with him….. if L.E. won’t, then more than likely Simon Properties will sue the citizen for endangering the lives of everyone in the mall. Either way, they’ll also more than likely ban the citizen for life from all their properties.

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                                        Guaranteed: The thoroughly typical (redacted percentages) p.o.s. criminals will undoubtedly lawyer-up and sue the homeowner for ‘violating their civil rights’.

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                                          …..and every respondent in the affirmative to the poll, their info - no matter how little identifying items there are, or the pollsters ‘guaranteeing full anonymity’ - nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more - the respondents in the affirmative, their data has been forwarded directly to the thoroughly typical treasonous Democrats in the administration, specifically DoJ, DHS and all ‘blue’ state governor’s offices.

                                          But that can’t happen here…… No…… Never.

                                          Tool up, it’s coming.