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    My vice is golf…. My hobby is cooking and food overall. I used to watch Epicurious TV shows, subscribed to the magazine, visited the website regularly. That stopped in mid-2019. The magazine went ‘woke’ before the term was being widely used as it is now. That’s when they started cutting back on beef recipes too. but more blatantly, as if overnight, went full-tilt ‘green’ on many things and the like - basically starting to openly shill for The Democrat Party, with a nod to vegetarians and vegans in the process.

    Owners: Conde-Nast…… Anna Wintour, one of the woke-est of the woke typical Democrat-backers (Hillary, Kamala, Warren, Bernie, etc.) is the “Global Chief Content Officer” of the overall corporation.

    Over 70 million print subscribers, almost 400 million digital paying customers and half a billion ‘followers’ on ‘social media’ platforms.

    Conde-Nast is the publisher of the following way-to-the-left-of-left offerings:

    Physical And Online Magazines….. Allure ; Architectural Digest ; Bon Appétit ; Condé Nast Traveler ; GQ ; The New Yorker ; Vanity Fair ; Vogue ; Wired

    Digital-Platform Magazines….. Ars Technica ; Backchannel ; Epicurious ; Glamour ; Pitchfork ; them. ; Teen Vogue ; Self ; Love ; La Cucina Italiana

    Look up what went down with ‘Teen Vogue’ a while back - You’ll understand the ‘nudge’ that is Conde-Nast real quick-like that way.

    You don’t/can’t work for them if you’re not one of ‘them’.

    Here’s a link to a Forbes Magazine article from yesterday - 27 April 2021.

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      It must be my lack of imagination, but I did not expect that even chili and burger recipes would be swept up in the cultural revolution.

      And things are just getting rolling…

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