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    NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and every typical Democrat elected and appointed official in the state (including county and local) just schmitte their pants.

    The article is behind a paywall, written by Cam Edwards, formerly of NRA -TV and now with the Bearing Arms website.

    From the article, the defendant is a retired NYC PD Officer — his attorney:

    A shotgun with a barrel length under 18 inches is generally illegal to own and possess in New York, at least without a license; however, the Shockwave (and similar weapons) cannot be legally considered a shotgun, which is defined in New York Penal Code §265.00 as a weapon which is “intended to be fired from the shoulder.” Mossberg’s “bird’s head” grip, similar to a pistol grip, makes it impossible to fire from the shoulder. In addition, the Shockwave cannot be legally considered a pistol because a pistol by definition was designed to be fired by one hand. The Shockwave features a strap on the foregrip designed for the support of the second hand. The prosecution’s own ballistics expert referred to each of Nolan’s Shockwaves as an “other weapon” in his report, meaning that it was not a “firearm” as was charged in the indictment.

    As for the waiting list to get a ‘Shockwave’, it was around three weeks. Guaranteed the backlog just went to a year or better. And every shop with a working display model sold it in the past few hours, shipping to an FFL somewhere in NY State.

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      Wow. This is hilarious, if I’m reading the excerpt correctly.

      But the Democrats will just outlaw it explicitly in about 5 days, have a 1-month “turn it in now” window to avoid ex post facto problems, and then it’ll be banned belt-and-suspenders by Feb. 15?