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    Mission is to maintain Army as a model of diversity by providing a culture that values diversity and inclusion


    you are a racist if you discuss any of these ideas or use any of the following phrases:

    All Lives Matter  Denial of White Privilege  Inequitable Health Care  Anti-Immigration Policies  English-Only Initiatives  Celebration of Columbus Day  American Exceptionalism  Claiming Reverse Racism  There is Only One Human Race

    There are dozens of more suspect phrases and themes that cover every aspect of the liberal social, cultural and political orthodoxy. Apparently, if you fail to embrace “progressive” views on virtually all issues — if, for example, you believe in “colorblindness,” another prohibited concept — you are no better than a Klan member. The graphic even features a cartoon of a man in a T-shirt that says “White America” holding a sign saying “I Can’t See.”