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    Breitbart’s Joel Pollak is absolutely nuts.

    Either that, or this is such brilliant snark that it’s indistinguishable from serious.

    …..if the goal is to restore public confidence in the justice system, the only way is to wipe the slate clean. And the only way to do that would be for Trump to pardon Obama and Biden, preemptively, for the sake of national unity.

    It would, of course, drive Obama, Biden, the Democrats, and the media crazy. Pardoning Obama and Biden would, by itself, imply that they had done something wrong — which is exactly why Trump might find it politically useful.

    Daf*q I just read ?

    Skroo dat.

    Multiple oath of office and constitutional violation charges at minimum, preferably everything should be filed in as individual counts of treason….. On all of the players, every last mother’n one of ’em, not just El Guapo and Uncle Kid Sniffer.