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    Phone rings at Gracie Mansion, Manhattan, NY City. (NYC Mayor’s residence while in office.)……

    Chinese Premier Xi Jinping: Herro, Mayol DeBrasio….. I wirr be brunt. You ret oul porice officel go flee - now ! You heal me !?!

    Mayor BeBlasio: Master, I cannot honor your request, Drumpf’s people have him and th……

    Chinese Premier Xi Jinping: SIRENCE DOG ! You wirr obey ol erse. Get him fleed LIGHT NOW, no ratel than midnight ! [phone slams]

    Guaranteed: ‘The Media’ will blame everyone, everything and anything other than the real thing.

    Also guaranteed: This guy is just one itty-bitty tip of many icebergs.

    Repeat after me: Diversity is our strength.