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    With everything going on, why would anyone light up a church ?

    In your wildest, but now-it’s-normal, Democrat-nudge-to-shove nightmare scenario……

    The Holly Springs Police Department raided the church during Easter Sunday services and th…… you can guess the rest.

    A few weeks ago, Pastor Jerry Waldrop and the governing board of The First Pentecostal Church Of Holly Springs, Mississippi filed a lawsuit against The City of Holly Springs, Mississippi for multiple counts of 1st Amendment violations.

    And now, The First Pentecostal Church Of Holly Springs, Mississippi no longer exists.

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      Yup. Democrats are the ones likely to vandalize their own churches as false-flag “hate crimes.” Conservatives are more devout, or less nuts, or both.

      The question seems to be whether the arsonist was an official (officially unofficial, you know) Democrat operation or a true-believing leftist who really thought that allowing the First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs to reopen–subject to the same rules as Kroger and Piggly Wiggly–would bring on the plague and kill us all. I’m leaning toward the true-believing leftist arsonist but remain open-minded.