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    Right about now, I don’t give a single s#!t what other countries do. I care about our nation, because the 4th Amendment has been obliterated.

    If you haven’t heard yet, ‘somebody’ in the US government ordered or at least gave the thumbs-up to all cellphone manufacturers and service providers to install and activate The Chinese Kung Flu Citizen Tracker.

    There are literally millions of so-called Americans in federal state, county and local governments outright lying about almost everything directly about and related to the Chinese Kung Flu and those same folks are who the #MediaJackals flock to, because the Democrat/ICR2P agenda must be shoved down the throats of ‘the people’ at all costs.

    From the Lies, Damned Lies, & COVID-19 article:

    Now there’s specimens of doublethink even Mr. Orwell missed: Victory is surrender ; Lockdown is safety ; Hysteria is virtue.

    The politicians who tore up the Bill of Rights and thrust the US and much of the world to the brink of another Great Depression are not likely to change their spots — and unless we insist on calling their actions by their right names, we will be defenseless against their future machinations.

    …..which is why I have been almost begging people like Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Hannity, Ms. Ingraham, plus others like Jim Hoft (Gateway), Tyler at ZeroHedge and the rest of ‘our side’ with good reach that we - the whole body of us - we need to stop calling them ‘leftists’, ‘radicals’, ‘the left’, etc. The people doing permanent and mortally perilous damage to The United States and her citizens’ rights are none of those things. They’re simply Democrats. All of them. Every one of ‘em. There’s not a single shred of difference between Mr. Biden, Ms. Occasio-Cortez, the #BlackLivesMatter folks, AntiFa and your local mayor/city council who wants to seize total control over every aspect of citizens’ lives, including their own people (who don’t realize it, or worse, know and don’t care).

    The only nationally-known person I’ve seen who’s tried even a little is Tucker Carlson.

    I’m betting this new Chinese Kung Flu Tracker thing will never be taken to court and if it does get brought before a federal bench, ‘somebody in the government’ will make damn sure the judge is on the side of ‘GTFO of my court room, servant’, along with the appellate jump doing the same. ‘They’ won’t have to worry about the case at SCOTUS, because ‘they’ have Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan and…. ‘Him’.