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    I’m not convinced that armed protesting is a good idea but what is the racism in it?

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      …..and you expected the entire media base - including the going-way-left Fox News - and every Democrat in the country to report and respond differently ?

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        Agreed. Excerpt from the linked article:

        “There were swastikas and Confederate flags and nooses and people with assault rifles,” Whitmer said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Some of the outrageousnesses of what happened at our capitol depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history in this country.”

        It’s true that there were swastikas. The swastikas said “Heil Whitmer” or similar. There was a noose. The noose accompanied a sign “Tyrants Get The Rope.” The swastikas and noose were meant to say the Democrat governor of Michigan was acting like a Nazi. This is not racist. It is standard, if pointed, political rhetoric.

        We can argue about whether the comparison is accurate or not, but it’s abundantly clear what the intent was. No wonder the Democrat governor of Michigan doesn’t like it. (Presumably nobody except actual armbanded Nazis likes being favorably compared to Adolf Hitler.)

        False allegations of “racism”–all Republicans are racist, right?–have been one of the left’s most potent weapons. But the left is now invoking “racism” so frequently it is risible. This is a good thing. Thanks to craven (dare I say Hitlerian?) politicians like the Democrat governor of Michigan, the term is becoming meaningless. It has lost its sting.