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    The current bet on the table is ‘de-fund the police’.

    Virginia will see that bet and raise it to include decriminalizing assault on a police officer.

    Republican Minority Leader Sen. Tommy Norment said he finds it “unfathomable” that Democrats are calling for reduced penalties….. “Very candidly, for those who are advocating it — particularly in the current lawless atmosphere — I wonder what they have been smoking.” Sen. Norment is sponsoring a bill that would increase the mandatory minimum sentence of six months to become a year in jail. For assaults on police during a state of emergency, the mandatory minimum would jump to two years.

    Sen. Norment, sir, the Democrats haven’t been smoking anything. This is their agenda. The Democrats are out in the open with it now.

    Sen. Norment’s bill has zero chance of getting out of committee. The Democrats’ legislation will not only sail through committee, but will easily pass the full state house and senate, be signed into ‘effective-immediately’ law by the typical Democrat Virginia governor….. Then, the retroactive lawsuits will start flying, demanding all charges dropped, full pardon and ‘compensation’ (a.k.a. ‘reparations’) for those p.o.c. - and only p.o.c. - charged/convicted of anything as a direct and even indirect result of ‘The Floyd Event’.