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Linked to The Truth About Guns - Original article at The Wall Street Journal requires a subscription.


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    One of the true ‘wet dreams’ for typical Democrats and RINO’s - The NRA not just becoming irrelevant (they and the #MediaJackals are making it that way), but the NRA actually dying.

    Here’s three of the comments at TTAG: The first one on the list is a single word from an anonymous contributor:


    From Jason M:

    It’s very noble of him (Wayne LaPierre) though to cut his salary to only $1.76M. It is a non-profit after all. I’m not cancelling my distinguished patriot life whatever membership, but I’m not sending them any money, while Wayne has a job there.

    Same here, the little money I have to donate anywhere is going to G.O.A., J.P.F.O. and S.A.F.

    Lastly, a short missive from ‘Strych9’:

    It’s deliciously ironic that the same virus that seems to be responsible for a large uptick in gun and ammo sales is also, reportedly, responsible for diminishing NRA revenues. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s report from some anti-gun rag about how this is some fiendishly clever NRA plot to sell guns and murder some group of innocent people. That’s going to be spin worthy of a gold medal. Er, well, it would be if the Olympics wasn’t sh*tcanned.