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    Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer: “Let me make this very clear: Mr. Gonzalez is eligible for the death penalty. It will be up to me ultimately to make the decision.” —– Every Democrat in the state is laughing their arses off at the DA, especially politicians in the state government and of course, the Hollywood crowd. No way that pizza cheet is gonna get what’s coming to him….. unless….. unless there’s some prison justice done because he whacked a 9-year-old kid.

    The p.o.s…… secured the gates of the building with bicycle cable locks, keeping the first two officers out and forcing them to shoot from beyond the gate until police could get bolt cutters and break through. The attack, with a semi-automatic handgun, was not a random one, Orange Lt. Jennifer Amat told a crowd of reporters. It was unclear if the weapon, found at the scene, was acquired legally.

    Yet another mass shooting nowhere near the Democrat narrative/hope(forchange)/dream scenario, etc.

    PS: In peace-lover lingo, his first name translates to “trustworthy”. So is he or isn’t he ?