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    War is peace.

    Freedom is slavery.

    Ignorance is strength.

    Digital assistants are not spy devices.

    Cellphones and apps are not tracking you.

    The drones are overhead for your protection.

    You will be assimilated.

    Resistance is futile.

    We are the Bor….. Democrats.

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      The problem is we trusted Big Tech too much:

      • They said they were going to ban Nazis. Well, OK, we’re not Nazis.

      • They said they were going to ban white supremacists. Well, OK, we’re not white supremacists.

      • They said they were going to ban a Hong Kong protest app. Well, OK, we’re not Hong Kong residents.

      • They said they were going to ban accounts advocating violence. Well, OK, we don’t advocate violence.

      Of course it didn’t end there.

      The problem is that we were too trusting. Big Tech executives are not representative of the country at large. They are either weirdo San Francisco leftists or Indian software engineers lacking a cultural connection to this nation that might have given them an understanding of our constitutional heritage.

      Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a billionaire living in a $32M estate on the cliffs overlooking the Golden Gate bridge who fasts all weekend and day except for dinner who does ice baths and meditates for two hours a day. He reportedly sent clippings of his beard to singer Azealia Banks. He has about as much in common as a normal American suffering through layoffs as that normal American has in common with a Kenyan hunter-gatherer.

      Google CEO Sundar Pichai was born in India and did not grow up in the United States. He married another Indian national instead of an American. His favorite sport is cricket, whatever that is. He came to America as a graduate student and then worked at McKinsey. It is unclear whether he has ever worked in the U.S. outside elite liberal coastal California. One of his houses in Los Altos Hills, California includes an “an infinity pool, an 840-square-foot garage, underground nanny quarters and a whole lot of glass.” Of course the nanny lives underground!

      Twitter and Google are and have been closely allied with the Democrats. Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt “played a crucial role in Team Hillary’s election tech.” Etc.

      Dorsey and (especially) Pichai are smart. They work hard. But normal Americans have, without thinking through the implications, given these men and their VPs far too much power to control what we are allowed to see and do and talk about. We trusted them. This was a mistake. We now see the results.