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    President Trump will shortly be subpoenaed for everything - every last scrap of paper of his financial records. ‘Somehow’, NYC Democrats have already received items ‘from outside sources’….. Gee, I wonder how/why that happened.

    The two cases brought by Pennsylvania Republicans challenging the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s extension of the state’s mail-in ballot deadline during the 2020 election have been denied….. Citing constututional violation after constitutional violation, Justice Thomas and Justice Alito (with Justice Gorsuch concurring) wrote vicious dissents in The Court’s denial of certiorari on both cases.

    The 4th Amendment case:

    20-5279 WOODEN, WILLIAM D. V. UNITED STATES The motion of petitioner for leave to proceed in forma pauperis is granted. The petition for a writ of certiorari is granted limited to Question 2 presented by the petition.

    Question 2: ….whether offenses that were committed as part of a single criminal spree, but sequentially in time, were “committed on occasions different from one another” for purposes of a sentencing enhancement under the Armed Career Criminal Act.

    Know what Question 1 is in the case petition ?

    How about L.E. or any government official blatantly violating a citizen’s basic 4th Amendment rights……

    (1) Whether a police officer’s use of deception to gain entry to a constitutionally protected area violates the Fourth Amendment.

    Um….. Yeah, it does.

    SCOTUS won’t touch it.