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    The link is to the PDF of the legislation.

    Almost 800 pages.

    A bill by Congressman John P. Sarbanes, Maryland, District 3. Co-written by Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi (California, District 12) and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (California, District 16).

    The 100% unconstitutional legislation to legally install permanent Democrat-Totalitarian party rule in what remains of America.

    Internet-only voter registration with electronic signature submission (not needing to be verified)…. banning the requirement to provide a full Social Security Number for voter registration (last-four digits only)…. automatic voter registration via state motor vehicle departments (want to bet this will be with ‘D’ checked off as default ?)…. same-day registration (that means election day)…. 16 and 17-year-old kids fully eligible to vote…. and all minors can be paid campaigners…. nationwide mail-in voting…. banning any and all restrictions on ‘ballot harvesting’…. banning all forms of voter ID requirements…. all prisoners/felons can vote…. early voting everywhere…. vote by mail is the law…. somehow, even DC Statehood is in the legislation. And so is all redistricting (to be completely taken away from The Several States).