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The AP link is a static one - the article/“news” updated there as they see fit.


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    Over at our forum (TASG), I offered the following about the article:

    Betcha heard about it when it happened.

    Two ‘gunmen’ went into a Kansas City (Kansas) bar and opened fire, murdering 4, wounding 5.

    Some of the typical Democrat presidential candidates were instantly all over it, demanding 2A be immediately revoked, full-by-force confiscation, etc.

    Then, word started getting out on whoo dun ded eet, maing and guess what happened next…… Until the AP punched out this semi-buried article literally 15 minutes before my posting this [Ed. Note: Approx. 0920 Hours Eastern 7 October 2019), the latest mass-shooting to end all mass shootings simply disappeared from all but the local-to-it media.

    —article text quoted here—

    ‘For some reason’, these kind of facts - prohibited persons with evil scary-looking toys that go bang - isn’t even remotely newsworthy to the typical Democrat agenda-pushers.


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      I’m reminded of this article from a few weeks ago:

      Seven times this year, a gunman has opened fire in a U.S. public place, killing at least three people. One shooter is suspected of being a white supremacist. One was an Elizabeth Warren supporter. And two were black… A May 2018 policy brief by the Rockefeller Institute of Government at the State University of New York, which looked at any incident that resulted in deaths or injuries and excluded gang violence or terrorist activity, found that the perception that whites are responsible for nearly all mass shootings is a myth.

      It sure seems like the #MediaJackals have collectively decided which shootings deserve full round-the-clock coverage. And which, when the whoo dun ded eet facts conflict with The Prevailing Narrative, quickly get disappeared.

      I wonder if the #MediaJackals might have an agenda of their own that they’re trying to shove down our throats or something?

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        Big media has been playing games with race and crime (hiding or exaggerating) for a while. Another example is serial killers.

        Since 1990, the majority of serial killers have been black according to Radford University’s Serial Killer Database: http://maamodt.asp.radford.edu/Serial%20Killer%20Information%20Center/Serial%20Killer%20Statistics.pdf

        Scroll to page six, “U.S. Serial Killers Percentage by Race and Decade.”

        But you won’t see this reflected in media coverage.