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    The application for an extension of time to file a cert petition:


    A Petition for Writ of Certiorari is essential here to allow the Court to determine the compelling questions of exceptional importance integral to this case, including issues of the recognition of the fundamental Second Amendment right to bear arms for self-defense outside if the home, the proper method and, if applicable, level of scrutiny for analyzing Second Amendment challenges that affect law-abiding persons, and whether speculative harm can serve as a justification for infringing on their constitutional rights. On a practical level, issues of personal safety and protection, and the potential consequences of the lack thereof, depend on this Court granting certiorari.

    This case also addresses whether the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding non-residents may be infringed upon by the State of Illinois, and to address a licensing system that not only bars the residents of forty-five states from obtaining a concealed carry license (CCL) in Illinois, but also from even applying for that license.

    The problem is that the right to self-defense–which as a natural human right should be obvious to all–has become politicized.

    Instead of looking at natural rights, our history, constitutional text, etc., we have the unfortunate situation of some justices behaving like politicians. They look instead at what polls say and how the political winds are blowing. This is what the Democrat senators were trying to do with their brief filed over the summer. They told the Court that the political winds are blowing in an anti-self defense direction.

    The Democrat senators’ weather forecast might even be right. But it is not the job of Supreme Court justices to interpret polls or discern wind directions. When they do, they destabilize the republic, dangerously so.