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No Churches Allowed–Artwork and Photo by Declan McCullagh

Tyranny, Tyranny Everywhere: A Poem

By Don Kilmer | Published May 15, 2020 9:30 PM PT

Tyranny, tyranny everywhere, 
What’s a patriot to do? 
Liberty dies a whimpering death, 
To combat a Chinese flu. 

Washington State will starve you,
If you don’t let it track your travel. 
California extends the lockdown, 
As we watch due process unravel. 

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, 
Condemned the old to die. 
In nursing homes turned prison cells,
I’m mad; I’m angry; I want to cry. 

Barbers, stylists, and gunsmiths, 
Are now deemed non-essential. 
But government work continues, 
Our masters’ work is vital.

Churches, schools, and playgrounds,
Are closed with a yellow ribbon. 
Can’t teach or preach or run around, 
Without government’s permission. 

Economies are decimated, 
Whole sectors made bankrupt. 
Lives are ruined and dreams destroyed, 
Is this fair or just corrupt? 

Liberty isn’t given, 
It isn’t cheap or free. 
But who’s to blame when all is lost?
In a republic it’s you and me. 

Don Kilmer is a Second Amendment litigator living in Idaho and an editor of Talking. See Don’s previous Talking essays (an RSS feed is here and a JSON feed is here).


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