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    It sounds like the lad’s father, retired Marine Col. Mark Gerhard, is a caring parent and a good American and a decent soul who expected the system to work the way it did when he grew up. He may have taught his 20-year old son, Lucas Gerhard, to expect the system to work the way it did when Col. Gerhard grew up.

    These are mistakes–innocent ones, but with serious consequences. With few exceptions, institutions of “higher education” should be viewed as hostile territory for normal Americans. They are occupied by the enemy. The pozzed SJWs on campus have won this round.

    There were two obvious ways for the good colonel to plan a mission on enemy-occupied territory. The first was for his son to blend in, the so-called grey man approach, but tailored for a college campus. A $16.99 investment in “I’m Gayer Than You” t-shirts for his son, and instructions not to ever talk about firearms, would have been sufficient. The second is to lawyer up, come out of the closet as normal, write warning lawyergrams to the general counsel about unlawful discrimination, and effectively dare the school to do something. You need to be willing to be a test case, though the upside is a decent shot at a decent settlement. This works better at a public school where the First Amendment still applies.

    But this is hindsight. What normals can do now is identify the people involved in this travesty of justice.

    That includes Wendy Beach, “Director of Human Resources, Safety, and Risk,” who is in charge of the Public Safety Department. She’s on the so-called senior management team as well:


    That includes Chippewa County Prosecuting Attorney Robert L. Stratton III, who is another anti-constitutionalist and the chief prosecutor in this case, at least if the facts are as described in the linked article. Stratton is even a nominal Republican:

    https://www.chippewacountymi.gov/proscuting-attorney https://www.zeekbeek.com/lawyers/49783-MI-Robert-Stratton-39287/list/yes