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    This is exactly what the anti-constitutional, anti-self defense, pro-confiscation left wants for these United States.

    The left’s #MediaJackal propagandists have been forthright about mimicking New Zealand. Look at the reliably #MediaJackal-ly Washington Post in an article this year:

    It took New Zealand 26 days to act on gun control. Congress has been stalling for years… Twenty-six days. That — along with common-sense leadership from government officials — is what it took for New Zealand to pass a law that bans most semiautomatic weapons in the country. The contrast with the United States is both inescapable and striking…

    Would these #MediaJackals say that “Congress has been stalling for years” if it moved slowly on legislation to overturn Roe v. Wade? Of course not. If Congress bows to the left’s anti-constitutionalism, it is “common-sense leadership.” If Congress protects the rights of normal Americans, it is “stalling for years.”

    About the only positive thing that can be said is that the anti-constitutional, anti-self defense, pro-confiscation left are being honest about their plans. The fangs are bared. The claws are no longer hidden. This lets normal Americans prepare.

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      Compliance is shaping up to be less than 30% The hand wringing and condensational tongur lashingfrom the blatantly statist police spokesmen come Christmas will be amusing.