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    Thank God for Project Veritas.

    This might be Project Veritas’ best leaked video yet. Of course we now get to wonder if Amy Robach herself (or her attorney, or friend, or confidante) leaked it herself. She seems angry enough to do it. I hope she has a solid contract.

    Now it’s time to ask those old journalism school questions of ABC News. Who killed the story? Why was it killed? When was it killed? ABC News now says a “two-hour documentary” will air in 2020–when was that decision made? About 10 minutes after the Project Veritas video leak?

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      PS: Something is a bit odd. I just checked the home page of nytimes.com. There are stories about “expensive sushi,” “Man Is Fatally Stabbed Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich,” and the “endangered wax palm,” whatever that is.

      But this story isn’t mentioned. Must be an oversight, right?