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    The city of Sandpoint was put on notice (here’s a link to the August 7, 2019 city council meeting minutes) that banning firearms from public property violates state law, specifically Idaho Statute 18-3302J. The text of 18-3302J is straightforward, saying that “no…city…may adopt or enforce any law…which regulates in any manner the sale…[or]…carrying…of firearms.”

    Sandpoint has signed a lease with a private organization that allows that organization to take over certain city-owned public property from July 31 to August 15. But the city council cannot legally and constitutionally escape 18-3302J–or the Second Amendment–that easily.

    The lease is very detailed. It sets rules for how many feet cooking tents must be from non-cooking tents. It sets a date for a parking plan to be submitted to the city. It defines who handles sanitation and litter, and what happens to waste liquids. The lease could specify that Idaho residents do not relinquish their right to self-defense, but it does not. One suspects this oversight was intentional.

    I wish the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance good luck and Godspeed on this lawsuit.