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    This amicus brief reads more like a Brady Campaign press release than a serious legal brief submitted by serious members of Congress. Guess this is all they’ve got.

    Page 9 says: “Americans are murdered every day with firearms in classrooms…” Somehow, I doubt these good leftists, who claim to care about children, would view the same argument as persuasive if a pro-life group wrote: “American unborn babies are murdered every day by abortion clinics.”

    (Bonus question: If they don’t really care about preserving the lives of children, why do they want to ban guns so badly?)

    Page 17 says: “55 percent of Americans believe the Supreme Court is ‘mainly motivated by politics…’” So these leftists are making political arguments to convince some justices to vote the way they want the justices to, which seems to be the very definition of reaching a decision that’s “mainly motivated by politics.” Do they think we’re dumb?

    The real question is why the Democrats keep threatening court packing. Here’s a Mother Jones article from March 2019, saying “at least five” of the party’s presidential candidates have been infected with this idea. Here’s an update from June 2019 saying that it seems to be metastasizing.

    If it’s OK for the Dems to court-pack in a few years, then it must be OK for President Trump to do it this fall, right?