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    There are two ways to look at this hairball called the 1619 Project coughed up by the slavering #MediaJackals of the New York Times. The first way is to allege–as this linked article does, and does well–that it gets the facts wrong, or leaves out key details, etc. Yet that misses the broader point for the details.

    The second way is to ask why the #MediaJackals are on this particular crusade at this particular moment. The last paragraph starts to hint at why:

    If they succeed in making America only about the hypocrisy, the architects of the 1619 Project will deny the country’s nobility to the rising generation. They will have made America, in Huntington’s terms, a lie pure and simple, and enshrined their own hostile, mythologized account of our history.

    But there the analysis ends. Unfortunately. If it were to continue, it might say that the 1619 Project represents the New York Times’ latest salvo in the culture wars. If these #MediaJackals can undermine the legitimacy of the American experiment as forever and irredeemably tainted by slavery and bigotry and white supremacy, then we can dismiss both our history and our historic norms. (That “right to keep and bear arms” you gun nuts keep cawing about? That’s one of those historic norms that’s out the window. Sorry but not sorry, you know?)

    See Damon Linker’s article: “The 1619 Project is all about advancing a radical political agenda. The message it aims to convey is clear: The United States is and always has been, from its very origin, a racist country infected by a white supremacist ideology…” Or Rod Dreher’s sad conclusion, poignant coming from someone who really wants to admire the NYT, that: “This is totalitarian.”

    Well said.