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    This related essay by Bionic Mosquito this week is worth reading:

    Libertarianism today is identified with almost all of the kookiest politics, lifestyles and immoralities one can imagine. It is absolutely clear that the Libertarian Party doesn’t care a whit for liberty. The term – in the eyes of the broader public – has lost all meaning, except perhaps the worst of its meanings.


    The broader libertarian movement (such as it is) does not think of society this way [in terms of social norms and customs] – in fact, you are considered a fascist by this broader group if you think of society this way.

    Libertarianism is useful in the way a moral code against theft and murder is useful. They all set useful rules. But a rule that can be simplified to one sentence is not, by itself, enough to organize a society, and libertarians who (try to) organize their lives around it make a mistake.

    Even the Bible, which is rather longer than the non-aggression principle one liner, doesn’t fully specify how to organize a society: Christianity seems to allow for monarchy or democracy, a unicameral legislature or a bicameral one, etc.

    If today’s Libertarian Party didn’t exist for laughs and giggles (and to draw the weirdos, well-intentioned as they are), the Dems and GOP would work to invent it.

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      “There is zero temptation to abandon the Hoppean-Rothbardian tradition…” Talk about a subset of a subset! This apparent break-off of a Rothbard/Rockwell group claims about the greater libertarian movement should be take for what it’s worth… not much.