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    I’d weight more heavily regulatory rollbacks. That’s a big deal.

    If the New York Times #mediajackals are howling about them, you know it’s good for the country: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/climate/trump-environment-rollbacks.html

    On our Second Amendment rights, the president’s record is mixed. The president is certainly better on this topic than any of his D rivals would have been, but of course that’s not saying much.

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      Also: Nobody is saying that President Trump is a Libertarian, or libertarian, or any kind of -tarian. He is not.

      But is he better from a libertarian perspective than any D or R president–as the linked article argues–in the last generation or two? Maybe. And that’s something.

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        The list of positives in this article is a mixed bag too. Lots of “talking” stuff, which is pretty cheap, since there is a ton of talking by Trump in exactly the opposite direction too. Plus, no discussion of the blowback created by Trump - NO concession of any of his good points by his opposition. THAT could not be said about Reagan. Reagan actually convinced some of his opposition to see the benefits in freer markets, lower tax rates and less government. Has Trump done that at all? Hardly, advocacy of socialism is at an all time HIGH, partially in reaction to Trump. So what will happen AFTER Trump?