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    This #MediaJackal is insufficiently with the Party’s cultural reform program. He is insufficiently woke. He must be subjected to a struggle session. Ritual apologies and humiliating apologies are a good start.

    The Washington Post, in its less-woke incarnation circa 2013, knew about struggle sessions:

    one of the [Party’s] most unpleasant tactics for maintaining control was something called a “struggle session.” On the surface, the idea was that everyone had to suss out “class enemies” and try to better their own commitment to the Communist revolution by attending regular “struggle session” meetings where they’d admit their own revolutionary failures and try to do better as individuals and communities… a form of self-reinforcing terror, a means of purging political enemies real and imagined, a tactic for working people into ideological fervor, sometimes in mass “sessions” with thousands of people.

    Chris Cuomo admitted his revolutionary failure before 1.4M followers. He pledged to do better. His struggle session is underway.