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    Trump Derangement Syndrome is an expression of a cultural civil war whose roots are deeper than the antics of the last few years. It is the friction of a country fracturing into warring alien tribes. We no longer agree on the essential premises of our Union, what makes one an American, on the essential premises of morality, what is human life, what is murder, and on what our future should look like.

    This is probably correct. And it was probably foreseeable. The left has attacked or subverted institutions that held our society together: the Church, the Constitution, the Knights of Columbus, the electoral college, American history, etc. Even the Supreme Court has been subverted: a bunch of unelected justices met behind closed doors and discovered a previously unsuspected “constitutional right” to an abortion. Since then the justices have discovered a lot more previously unsuspected “constitutional rights” that, not coincidentally, track the policy preferences of the left.

    The left could have gone through the legislature to get what they wanted. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was controversial at the time, but it had the virtue of going through the legislative process. It was legitimized as a result. Today nobody in power would dare argue that it be repealed. But Roe v. Wade, only nine years later, bypassed the legislative process and was never legitimized.

    The logical conclusion is, if this was probably foreseeable, is the left knew what was going to happen. They did it anyway. They did this because they think they will win the cultural civil war. Maybe they’re even right.