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    The leap from social media censorship to attacks on funding mechanisms for conservative sites makes it clear that this is not just about fighting ‘disinformation’ on social media, but eliminating the opposition.

    The campaign against them is really a program to eliminate the political opposition. That, not “disinformation”, is a real threat to democracy, and that, not the vicissitudes of net neutrality, embraced as an urgent crusade by many of the dot com censors, is the threat to freedom on the internet.

    The modern totalitarian left cannot stand dissent. It cannot tolerate it. The reason why dissent must be eliminated is that the left is a religious movement, and heretics deserve to be deplatformed and impeached and informed “they’re not welcome anymore” in polite society. One wonders if burning at the stake will make a comeback at some point.

    The problem is that the Conservative “Ahoy, Matey!” Cruise Ship Class, aka the self-appointed guardians of conservatism, have failed to see this. See “the market will surely fix deplatforming” columns by David French. Thus the rise of the Tea Party and the dissident right and the term “cuckservative” and, well, President Trump himself.