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    2020-03-24 - Here is what I got when I tried to access the link: “Sorry, an internal error occurred while processing your request. The problem was reported to the site.”

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      You’re right. It may have been a temporary link. This is a better URL: https://meetings.cob.org/Documents/ViewDocument/City_Council_Regular_Meeting_2215_Agenda_Packet_3_23_2020_7_00_00_PM.pdf?meetingId=2215&documentType=AgendaPacket&itemId=0&publishId=0&isSection=false

      Take a look at Paragraph 9 of Section 3, which begins on page 20.

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      Thanks for the new link. AWFUL text - not only for firearms prohibition but also” “ or any instrument which is capable of producing bodily harm “ So, that would include, knives, screw drivers, shovels, axes, hatchets, crowbars, baseball bats, etc. etc.

      What the heck??????????????