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    Some good evidence in this article, but I don’t think it lives up to the title’s claim of “widespread.” But too much support for Antifa in SV, for sure.

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      Good point. It depends on your definition of widespread.

      One definition might be: a significant fraction of employees at large internet companies, at least double digits and perhaps a quarter. By that definition, the headline fails. Now, the claim may yet be true, but the article fails to make the case for it.

      A second definition focuses not on numbers but on influence. Is it socially acceptable to support antifa if you’re working at one of these large internet companies? Are pro antifa postings, on private internal discussion groups and public groups, allowed while pro-conservative postings are not? The article makes a better case for this being the situation. There may not be a tremendous number of supporters, but they may have an outsize influence.

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        GREAT clarifications!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right on.