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    If you look at the actual poll results, you’ll see one of the questions includes a “favorable” vs. “unfavorable” response: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-results-october-6-8-2019

    President Trump had a 38% favorability rating the week of November 3-6. The election was November 8. He won.

    In the same poll, his favorability rating is higher today. It’s now 43%.

    Now maybe the vast squishy middle has turned against the president. If so, he might face some political peril. But if Trump supporters are lying to pollsters they (probably correctly) view as leftists, the peril is reduced. An additional source of potential bias–in the headline, not necessarily the poll results–is that Fox seems to be edging a bit left, or at least a bit more anti-Trump.

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      And now it looks like Fox News’ “reporting” misrepresented the poll (to make things look worse for Trump):


      Braun Research, the pollster firm that conducted the survey, noted that 48 percent of its respondents were Democrats; however, the Post revealed that the “actual breakdown” based on party affiliation is 31 percent Democrat, 29 percent Republican, and 38 percent independent.

      The Post noted that, when weighting the poll for party affiliation, would have revealed that only 44.9 percent of Americans, or less than a majority, back impeachment of President Trump. Forty-four percent of Americans oppose impeachment, according to the Post‘s analysis.

      #MediaJackals, anyone?