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    The guy who wrote the letter firing this teacher, attached as an exhibit to this complaint, is Paul Diggs, who remains the chairman of the West Point school board.

    Here’s the current list of school board members including Paul Diggs:

    Mr. Paul Diggs - Chairman pdiggs@wpschools.net Elected School Board Member - July 1, 2010 Principal Engineer - Schnabel Engineering BSCE - University of Virginia

    Mr. Elliot Jenkins - Vice Chairman ejenkins@wpschools.net Elected School Board Member - July 1, 2010 Manager - Capital One BS - James Madison University

    Mrs. Phyllis Dorsey pdorsey@wpschools.net Elected School Board Member - January 1, 2017 Retired Educator MA - Marshall University

    Ms. Kay Lawson klawson@wpschools.net Appointed School Board Member - February 6, 2018 Executive Recruiter BA - Hollins College

    Mrs. Dudley P. Olsson dolsson@wpschools.net Appointed School Board Member - August 12, 2004 Elected Chairman - July 2010 BA - University of Virginia MS - Columbia University, School of Journalism MPH - Virginia Commonwealth University

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      West Point, Virginia is a town of about 3,000 people east of Richmond, Virginia. It’s in King William County, population about 15,000. King William County voted for Trump over Hillary by a 2:1 margin. This is no big city.

      It’s a town where the high school band marches down the street wearing white dresses (well, except for the biological girls who have decided they’re now boys). It’s not downtown Washington, D.C. or even Alexandria, Virginia.

      If a public school teacher can be fired–not just fired by the school board, but unanimously fired–for using the ideologically “incorrect” pronoun in West Point, Virginia, this can happen anywhere. The ideology is simply that pervasive.

      Be warned.