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    This issue of confused men who claim that they’re women, and demand access to women’s bathrooms, and demand to compete against women in women’s sports… well, it’s a winning issue for conservatives (and smart libertarians). At least if the Beltway crowd doesn’t bow to political correctness and screw it up.

    What else are we to make of men who write things like: “My period started so ya, couldn’t go into the pool. But it was so much fun! Forgot my tampons in my other bag fml” And: “tons of 10 year old girls in the bathroom when I need to change my pads ugh… Is it weird to ask a 10-12 year old girl for a pad? Or a tampon?”


    Yet it is folly to underestimate the ability of Beltway “conservatives” to wiggle their way to the wrong side of an issue. The linked article is from National Review, a nominally conservative publication that published “Why we should recognize same-sex marriage” in 2015. Recently it’s been publishing a series of articles, including in February 2018 and August 2019, calling for “red flag laws.”

    What are the odds that they’ll get it right this time?