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    So a conservative British politician (let’s remember that a “conservative” Brit tends to be equivalent to a 1990s U.S. Democrat) tweeted a photo of himself with a bag of looseleaf Taylor’s Yorkshire Tea. Which gave the Twitter Outrage Brigade something to complain about:

    For the crime of their product featuring in a picture with the Conservative Chancellor, there were demands for a boycott, a ban and worse, much worse… This is the truth of the thing. When all the noise and furor falls away and you find yourself alone, staring down a snarling mob, ripping at your clothes, your stuff, and the things you love. These Puritans won’t stop until you are swinging from a tree. Even then, they promise to throw a party to celebrate your death.

    One response would be to have explicitly conservative brands of tea and coffee. That would be funny in that it would trigger the Twitter Outrage Brigade even more. But it doesn’t solve the problem of Twitter Outrage Brigade not stopping until you’re swinging from a tree.

    A better response might be to reduce the incentives for the Twitter Outrage Brigade (and their #MediaJackal enablers) to exist in the first place.

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        I recommend their Silencer Smooth!


        Really is smoother than their Gunship roast, though both are pleasant. I think Silencer Smooth is $1 more per bag.